Decorating is endless.
Cooking never ends.
Gardens are always changing.
And best of all shopping goes on and on!

Hence the name,
Open Ended!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Places to Check Out!

Oh what a rainy, windy day it was!
But my daughter-in-law, Kelly and I did what any
red-blooded women would do...we kept shop'n!

We hit the Antique Show.
It had wonderful old pieces but a little pricey!

Then to Scentimental Gardens.
We both purchased these......
Cute copper garden stakes.
And I found this moss covered scalloped clay pot!

We also hit another great place.
It was a wonderful shop.
Where we both picked up a bunch of this.....

It is a soft, willowy form of eucalyptus.
I can think of so many places that this will look great!
Click HERE to see there website.

Now for one of my most favorite places.
The Painted Lady
I actually learned about it from another blog, "La La Lovely" about a year and a half ago.
Thank You Trina!
If you like shabby chic or anything white then you will love
The Painted Lady.

Click HERE to check it out

{How about Stella the bulldog!}

This is the first piece I purchased there.

I still haven't taken the price tag ribbon off of it.

Then a couple weeks ago I purchased this wonderful piece!
Beth, the owner also has a few "not white pieces"
And I love, love, LOVE pine!

I think the crown trim is awesome.

The curve of the legs make my heart sing!

Kelly suggested all white accents because of
my white kitchen cabinets and I ran with it.

Gotta Love It!!

There you go!
If you live in the area, now you have two more
"Places to Check out."

Vicky from the blog "Room Service ~ Decorating 101"
suggested I tell about any online places I find.
I do a lot of online shopping so I will try and post those also.
Thanks Vicky!

That's enough for now.
We don't want to stress out the husbands!