Decorating is endless.
Cooking never ends.
Gardens are always changing.
And best of all shopping goes on and on!

Hence the name,
Open Ended!

Friday, April 9, 2010

~Design & Decor Contest~

Now for the rest of the story!

I must confess that our trip to
The Painted Lady
was for more than just to pick up bed linens.

I had entered my dinning room in their
Design and Decor Contest.
{I didn't say anything because if I didn't win
I would feel a little stupid.}

I have never done anything like this before.
But when Beth the owner came to my home to deliver a hutch,
she said that I should enter my dining room in their contest.

Hmm....that would mean taking photos and then
trying to email those photos.


Then.... a couple days later it was a wonderful, sunny day
and I decided what the heck.

I started snapping photos. I needed 5 good photos.

I figured out how to send them by email all by myself.

Then, last night my daughter and I went to The Painted Lady's,
very fun cocktail reception!

And get this, my dining room won!!
I never win anything, I mean, never!

Here I am after a couple glasses of wine!
Looking pretty cheesy!

Look at all the pretty treasures!

They also had Diane Passi, who is one of their
favorite flea market vendors there!
Diane has amazing handmade vintage home decor.

I bought a lovely cloche on a vintage metal stand. I love it!

You can also find Diane's things at the
Kane county flea market
in St. Charles once a month

For me just winning was a big deal but I also received this
awesome canvas bag filled with all kinds of goodies!

Oh happy Day!!

From left to right, Anne the manager, Beth the owner,
Me and my daughter MaryKate!

Oh and I can't forget dinner at one of my favorite Wine Restaurants,
Coopers Hawk.
In South Barrington IL.
They have the most wonderful Rhubarb wine!

Now no road trip to Chicago would be complete without a little


You know what I mean!


But even with the ridicules traffic,
we managed to have a wonderful
Mother/Daughter day!!

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!