Decorating is endless.
Cooking never ends.
Gardens are always changing.
And best of all shopping goes on and on!

Hence the name,
Open Ended!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Friend "Bonnie" ~ Part I ~

Last week my mom and I were invited to tea!

That's right,
my dear friend had us over.
Entertaining friends has become such a lost art.
An art I wish we would find again!

This friends name is Bonnie and she is a wonderful person.
Bonnie is a caterer and the most creative caterer I have ever known.
Not to mention the woman can cook!

This is Bonnie and my Mom.
Sitting on a settee, in her master bedroom.

{Bonnie on the left & mom on the right}

Her home is over 150 years old.
With all kinds of beautiful antiques
that she has collected over the years.

Check out her fridge cabinet!

And with this little beauty.....

Bonnie whipped up all of this!

It was as yummy as it looks!!
(I only wish my photos did her justice)

I will leave you with a few photos of her
gorgeous gardens.

Photo Overload?
Hope not!

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!
{Bonnie part II to follow!}

As Always,