Decorating is endless.
Cooking never ends.
Gardens are always changing.
And best of all shopping goes on and on!

Hence the name,
Open Ended!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My House!

I've been asked several times if I would show my house.
after reading Cathy's post from the Mille Fleur blog!
{She did a post on her wonderful family room.}

It inspired me to get busy and take some photo's.

Now here is a little history...

As I have said in previous posts,
we moved here a little over a year and a half ago.
We were actually having a custom condo built.
The kids had left the nest so we were down-sizing!
You know...
less yard, less to clean,
no more pool, less to take care of.
I saw my self with more time to do the things
I never had time for!

shortly after we had our previous home sold
we received the bad news that the builder
of our condo had gone bankrupt!
Sadly, it was a sign of the times. :-(

After the initial shock wore off....
we did what any homeless parents would do.
We moved in with our son!

And when we knew "the condo thing" was
completely hopeless
we started looking for another place to call home.

So the hunt was on!
We looked and looked and looked!
First, we looked at condos and none were as great
as the one we had our hearts set on.
Next we looked at home after home after home.
To no avail!
We even considered building! Yikes!?!...
{It was definitely the wrong time to build!}

after putting my poor friend/Realtor through the
daunting task of finding the perfect home...
we came up with this.

Our kids and family were never crazy about the condo thing!
After all where would they all go for holiday's and pool parties!

Our families always say, that Mike and I have
the gift of entertaining!
I think they just say that so we will have them all over!

Mike liked this house right way, but me, not so much!
I was still thinking down-sizing!

Yet, here we are.....

with a bigger yard

a bigger house

another pool

and more parties!

It's taken me a little longer to to fall in love with this house!
But little by little I have started to really enjoy all the wonderful
details and character this home has.
I wish I could say I designed it..but I just get to enjoy and
of it!

I guess it wasn't time to stop entertaining!