Decorating is endless.
Cooking never ends.
Gardens are always changing.
And best of all shopping goes on and on!

Hence the name,
Open Ended!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Short and Sweet!

That's right~I am going to keep this short and sweet!
I've got a busy week but I wanted to show you a couple little things.

Not to long ago while on the hunt I came a cross 
this really sweet shopping cart.

You see these carts all over the place these days.
I loved the burlap ribbon that they wove thought it.

So I brought it home and filled it with none other than Bittersweet!

I can't wait to change it out for all the seasons!
Kinda cute~don't ya think?!!

Next... my daughter and I had a baby shower 
to go to over the weekend. 
Now a days knowing the sex of the unborn baby 
really makes shopping and wrapping a gift so wonderful.
And....I love~ love~ love~ to wrap gifts!

I'm so bored with gift bags!
I like to find something fun that can be used 
again and again to put my gifts in.

Besides with the price of those gift bags 
I can usually find something for about the same price!

if you get some time today check out 
                                          Joy @ Savvy City Farmer.

She actually named me as one of the blogs that she likes!
Thanks Joy... your so sweet!

Well that's it for now!

Have a sweet day!