Decorating is endless.
Cooking never ends.
Gardens are always changing.
And best of all shopping goes on and on!

Hence the name,
Open Ended!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh what to do, what to do......

At any given time in my house you may see something
sitting around with the price tag still on.
Sometimes it will be there for weeks 
depending on what the return policy is on that item.

My husband has learned over the years not to ask.
He knows the answer will always be the same.
"I just need to look at it for a while!"

I am sure you all do this from time to time.

I've had this crazy little number balancing on my bench
in the hallway for about 3 weeks now!

Hmmm....what to do?!!

I have had nothing above this bench for.... oh maybe a year now.
Just waiting for the perfect thing to catch my eye.

Then I was in World Market getting a few things 
and I saw this funky circle painting.
I love the colors. I love the size. I love the circles.

I like an element of surprise in a room, you know,
something to catch ones eye!

as I have said before my home is kinda 
English Cottage meets French Country.

 Mostly it's just eclectic.
 I know that eclectic is a catchall for someone 
who throws together all kinds of styles.
But....eclectic is really my personality!

I dress my self and decorate my home 
depending on my mood at any given time.
I buy what I love at the time, knowing that eventually
my mood will change and I may or may not love it anymore!

Although when it comes to big ticket items 
I try to buy more traditional (safe) pieces.
But when it comes to accessories 
I tend to go with what trips my trigger at the time.

do I keep the funky inexpensive circle painting?
Do I frame it?
(Remembering that a frame will cost way more the the painting!)
Do I hang things on either side of it?
Or put something large on the floor on one side 
or the other of the bench? 

I think I'll decide next week.....
I just need to look at it for a while longer.
I mean, I have at least 10 more days till I have to return it!

Until next week,