Decorating is endless.
Cooking never ends.
Gardens are always changing.
And best of all shopping goes on and on!

Hence the name,
Open Ended!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

porches porches porches

I have only had one real front porch
in my homeowner lifetime!
I've had some "back porches" that were
pretty sweet and even
one "screened in" number!

Remember earlier when I did a post about
and I shared with you my thoughts on what
kind of person lived behind those doors.

Well I believe porches have a personality also!

And lucky you.....
you get to hear my thoughts on
this array of porches!!

I believe
this porch belongs to an accountant.
She's not very creative but very neat.
An everything has it's place kinda gal!

Hence the matchy-matchy white wicker.
(Sorry but this one kinda makes me yawn).

I would never think to paint everything
on my porch the same color!
Even the pillars and banisters are the same color.

So who lives here?
I think it's a women who is going through menopause.
She is creative but she hasn't slept well lately.
And when she went to the store to get the paint she
forgot the paint chips she had picked out.

Then she had a serious hot flash so she bought a
bunch of gallons of the first paint color she saw.
And when her husband questioned why she painted
everything the same color, she bit his head off.

I get this women!
After all, it's just paint. You can always re-paint it!

This lady is a card player.
Her husband past away a few years ago.
But before that they would sit in their his and her rockers
and sip raspberry lemonade and talk about there day.
Now, she very seldom sits in her rocker but she still has her
bridge group over to play cards on Wednesday afternoon.

No women lives here.
The guy who lives here and his partner are
in the design business.
And they are so excited....
because.... a design magazine just did a photo
shoot of their porch and the publicity has done
wonders for their business!

This lady wears white linen drawstring pants,
a light khaki gauze top, is barefoot and single.
Less is more for her. She writes books for a living.
And loves yoga!!

This women is bold and loud!
She's a mover and shaker!
She's confident and would have been a interior designer
if she hadn't gotten hooked on
selling real estate when she was younger.

This one is young but has an old soul
(She's always been an old soul).
She dresses older than her age and
Country Living is her favorite magazine!
She's easy going and loves the simple things in life!

This is the women we are all jealous of!
She's intelligent, athletic, creative, she gardens
and even has time to cozy up in this chair
and read a book!
I used to want to be this women
but now she just makes me tired!

Now at this time in my "doorway post" I showed my own doorway.
Well, my porch is sooooo ugly right now
I decided to show this one instead!
Love this one!!
I'm going to pretend it's mine.:-)
So what does this porch say....
It says this women hasn't had time to
work on her own porch so she had to pretend this one is her's.

Honestly it's not so much about time as it is that she can't seem to
find all the right items she's been looking for to finish her's up!
She's looking for a blue and white outdoor rug,
a large old white cabinet to store pool equipment
and a fun storage bench for toys.
But she is on the hunt and hopefully
some of these things will pop up soon!

This women has also gotten to the stage in her life were
she realizes that it's important to enjoy the hunt!
She has leaned from experience that the right things
will come along and not to settle for just any thing!

How about you...
have you learned this lesson yet!

When I was younger I made plenty of mistakes because
I thought I had to hurry up and finish a room right away!

But now....
I know that the search is half the fun and that
the right things will come along!

Happy Hunting Everyone!