Decorating is endless.
Cooking never ends.
Gardens are always changing.
And best of all shopping goes on and on!

Hence the name,
Open Ended!

Monday, June 21, 2010

What a Crazy Weekend!
{Beware...this is one really long post!}

We pulled off the surprise of the decade!
Last Friday night our family surprised my mom
for her 69th birthday!

We started planning it at Easter....
then we firmed things up on Mother's Day!
After several update emails we finally made it
to the night of the Big Surprise!

All the Grand-kids!

And was she surprised!!

My husband came up with this big idea!
Because of the economy and the lack of vacation days,
we couldn't all go to the lodge in Wisconsin.

all 20 of us checked into
"The Rand Lodge"
for the Birthday Extravaganza Weekend!
{That's right all 20 of us at our house for 2 nights!}

I am the oldest of three children.

(this is me with my family}

Next is my younger sister and her family!

Then my baby brother and his family!

And of course my Mom and Step-Dad!

Add in a few boyfriends and girlfriends and
we are up to the magic number 20!


Let the party begin!

{Each family was to prepare one meal for everyone.}

I went first....
and started with Fiesta Nite!

We sang Happy Birthday & opened gifts.

as suggested by my middle son
we went around the room and told
our favorite mom/grandma memory!

{We laughed and cried and for me it was one of the best parts of the weekend!}

Then Saturday morning my sister's family
made a yummy egg casseroles, monkey bread
and fresh fruit for breakfast!

Then off to the golf course were mom enjoyed a round of
{best ball} golf with 7 of her favorite guys!

For lunch....
my brother's family went with Italian!
He made lasagna that was to die for.
They added a tossed salad and french bread
and we had a wonderful lunch!

the swimming began!

Dinner was prepared by
my daughter in-law and son,

{it was questionable if the son actually helped prepare...
but I did see him doing dishes!}

which included Italian beefs,
our family favorite picnic potatoes and corn on the cob!

The girl can cook!

{I am still eating her feta dip this morning!}


On to the infamous family pictures!
{does everyone's kids and husbands whine about doing this?}
We had to do it.
After all it's not everyday that we have
the whole family together at the same time.

Later that evening....
we enjoyed some cocktails on the veranda.

{really it's a deck but a veranda sounds so much cooler!}

And some s-mores by the bonfire!

On the last morning....
my daughter, her boyfriend & my son and his girlfriend
treated us to an awesome Father's Day breakfast!

Baked french toast with fresh fruit,
nuts and whipped creme topping!
And a little bacon and sausage on the side!
And it was wonderful!
I am still craving it!

Wow did we eat well!!

you would think since there was no one
on lunch duty my family would get the hint
that the party was over!
But No!
The sun was out and we had
tons of leftovers, so the party went on!

We even ended up at a JMK Nippons for dinner.
Which is one our favorite Japanese restaurants!
A little going away dinner for my nephew who
starts his training at West Point next week!

{~We love & will miss you Eric~}

I spent the day
doing a never ending mountain of laundry!
I didn't realize I had that many towels and sheets!!
I am pretty tired now.
But it's a good tired!

I did this post to celebrate family!
I think it's important to tell the people
in our lives how much we love them!

Happy Birthday Mom
We love you!