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Cooking never ends.
Gardens are always changing.
And best of all shopping goes on and on!

Hence the name,
Open Ended!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's a Vanity Tray?

Have you ever heard of a Vanity Tray?
I hadn't.
But I thought I needed something to put perfumes and colognes on.
They just sat there on my dresser and I didn't like the look.
So....I started looking. And I found a perfect one online.
It was very French looking but.... it was out of stock!

Here's a very small photo of it. Sorry!

This is what our dresser looks like.

Do you recognize the picture above our dresser?
I took a picture of my picture and used it as my blog header!

So off to look. I found this tray at Hobby Lobby on clearance for about $4.00.
It's upside down, so I could show you how dark it was.
It was a very dark bronze color.
Not what I was looking for.

So...I bought this stuff. It's leafing. (about $5.00 & I had the brush)
Which I had only seen in thin sheets, that you brush on.
But this was like a paint.
I was a little nervous but I didn't have much invested so I gave it a try.

I followed the directions on the jar and brushed it on.
It was easy to do but it dries fast so I had to hurry.
It's also water base so I cleaned my brush with water. Cool!!

I also bought a glass disc in the candle section of hobby lobby.
(1/2 price, about $3.50)
You could use a mirror disc also.
But for me the glass was the look I wanted.

The bottles reflect off the glass and I love the look!

Sometimes when I get these great ideas they don't always turn out.
But this one I loved!
(I'm not sure I am ready to show you things I do that I don't love!)

Now...... for those sconces that I hate the color of!
I like the fixture just not crazy about the color of the metal with the rest of my decor.
I am thinking I might use the bronze or antique gold liquid leafing on them.

If I get up the nerve, I'll take a photo for you to see.

Happy Tuesday to You!