Decorating is endless.
Cooking never ends.
Gardens are always changing.
And best of all shopping goes on and on!

Hence the name,
Open Ended!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ta Da!!

I filled my new urn.
Micheal's had 50% 0ff most of their floral. So I took advantage of the savings. I also found these great dried artichokes at Pottery Barn.
Gotta say, I Love It!!

I have this problem- When ever I have a floral arrangement done by a florist I don't like it.
The thing is, I picture how it should look in my head.
But...I have a difficult time explaining it to the florist. I usually end up going home and pulling some things out and adding other things.


I search the internet and get ideas.
I go to google images and type in urns.
Then I search through and get inspired.
After that I go shopping!

I put a 5 in. green styrofoam ball(from Michael's) in the urn so I have something to stick the stems into. I also get some moss to use as filler.
Then, I make a giant mess.

And wallah!....a new arrangement is born!

Have a great Weekend.